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Was Duterte really voted by the UN as the World’s Best President?

Answer: No.

This viral meme spreading on facebook that President Duterte was voted by the UN as the “World’s Best President” was created by the satirical website called

The website’s disclaimer page even said:

Should a reader, or readers, upon sober reflection, think or believe that anything contained in any post in this web site is true, they are mistaken and should relieve and abandon themselves of that idiotic notion immediately. Anyone who concludes otherwise ought to stay away from this site forever and may want to consider instead seeking immediate help, attention or treatment.

The UN gives no such award like “World’s Best President”. A simple google search would also reveal that this type of viral stories are also used for other Presidents in the world. The same viral story is also spreading about the President of Zambia, Tanzania, Botswana, and many other countries.


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