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Intentionally Removed? To Save Duterte’s Campaign

Upon a simple investigation all signs will lead to the answer that indeed it was intentionally removed because surely it will destroy the image they were selling to the filipino people.

If you go to the last page of the archives of the news provider’s website you will be able to retrieve and read news upto the year 2000. How come an article dated Feb. 10 2005,  of which is 5 years away from the oldest avaible news item in their archives just suddenly went missing during the 2016 Campaign Period? Knowing what’s the particular item is all about, it raised more inquiries as to the possible reasons for them to do that and for a reputable and credible news provider would gamble shattering their reputation they’ve succesfully maintained for decades just to save a single candidate’s image.

Luckily an internet archive’s website was able to save an exact copy of the news article and an exact copy the website as well. Duterte facilitates release of 8 Sinos