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Is the accusation of Sen. Trillanes that Duterte facilitated the release of 8 chinese drug lords back in Feb. 2005 true?

Answer: The removal of the said article from Philippine Star raises questions and doubts. Here is the picture of the news article and the copy of the said article on the internet. We are leaving you the decision on the veracity of the accusation,

Article is dated February 10, 2005
Article is dated February 10, 2005

Duterte facilitates release of 8 Sinos
By Edith Regalado
The Philippine Star 02/10/2005
DAVAO CITY — Eight of 10 Chinese nationals arrested last Jan. 1, a day after a shabu laboratory was busted here, were freed last Tuesday afternoon, thanks to Mayor Rodrigo Duterte who facilitated their release.”It is in the spirit of the Chinese New Year and for humanitarian reasons that I am seeking their release,” Duterte said.He said some of the detainees are either too young or too old to be deprived of their liberty.

Duterte said investigation has cleared the eight Chinese nationals, including the parents of alleged shabu lab financier Allan Sy, of any involvement in the illegal drug manufacturing.

“They have nothing to do with illegal drugs. The only mistake of some of them was that they may have violated immigration laws in connection with their stay here,” the mayor said.

Duterte, however, said the eight still have to comply with the necessary requirements and pay the corresponding fees with the immigration bureau should they wish to extend their stay in the country.

The eight were among the 10 foreigners who were rounded up in the row of apartments in Bo. Obrero here where Sy and his family are also residing.

Two other warehouses of Sy, who is still at-large, were raided here and were found to be keeping shabu-making equipment and chemicals used in manufacturing the illegal drug.

The shabu laboratory raided in Barangay Dumoy yielded over 100 kilos of high-grade shabu with a street value of more than P300 million, as well as shabu-making equipment and chemicals such as ephedrine.

Among those released were Sy’s parents Lin Qiong Xio and Shi Chunchang, who were in the city for a short visit when they were arrested.

The six others are Zhenyi Lu, Yashu Gou, Wendun Zheng, Lu Zixiao, Shi Chun Fa and Cai Lungna.

Duterte earlier wrote Immigration Chief Alipio Fernandez to approve the immediate temporary release of the eight Chinese nationals while the bureau is hearing their cases.

“The old ones have deteriorating health aggravated by the circumstances,” he told Fernandez.

Besides, Duterte said he was also concerned about the repercussions the continued detention of the eight foreigners would have on the hundreds of Filipinos who are legally or illegally staying in China.

“If we want our fellow Filipinos respected in other countries, we must also show respect to their nationals while in our country,” he said.

However, Duterte said he would not hesitate to personally go after foreigners who commit crimes or are involved in the illegal drug trade.

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