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Facts: Questions and Answers

Are there unreliable web sites/pages that provides news in the Philippines?

Answer: Yes

Many of  the new web sites/pages that mostly appeared during 2016 election that provides news states unreliabilty of contents on their respective disclaimer, some are purely sattire or entirely fake news.

Here are some of the links:

Agila News – agilanews.wordpress.com

Mosquito Press – mosquitopress.tumblr.com

So What’s News – sowhatsnews.wordpress.com

Eritas Times – eritastimes.com

Adobo Chronicles – adobochronicles.com

International Latest Updates – internationallatestupdates.blogspot.com

World Views – www.worldviews.com

Trending Balita – www.trendingbalita.info

Pinoy Viral Issue – www.pinoyviralissues.net

Exreme Readears www.extremereaders.com

Duterte – www.pinoyspeak.info

Qwazk – qwazk.blogspot.com

Dyaryo . Net – www.dyaryo.net

News Titans – www.newstitans.com

Media ni Duterte – rodydu30.blogspot.com

Guard1an – theguard1an.com

Minda Nation – mindanation.com

PRRD News – phppoliticsnews.blogspot.com

Taho.News – www.tahonews.com

Pinoy News Blogger – pinoynewsblogger.blogspot.com

Duterte News – dutertenews.com

Liberal Party Site PH – liberalpartysite.wordpress.com

Pinoy World – www.pinoyworld.net

Du30 News Blog – du30newsblog.blogspot.com

News Media PH – www.newsmediaph.com

The Volatilian – www.thevolatilian.com

Social News PH – www.socialnewsph.com

Leak News PH – www.leaknewsph.com/

Du30 News Info – www.du30newsinfo.com

Hot News Philippines – hotnewsphil.blogspot.com

Pinoy Viral News – www.tartey.com

I Am Pilipino www.iampilipino.com

Filipino News Info – www.filipinonewsinfo.com

Trending News Portal PH – trendingnewsportal-ph.blogspot.com

Kalye Pinoy – www.kalyepinoy.com

Classified Trends – www.classifiedtrends.net

Real8 Scoop – real8scoop.blogspot.com

Philippines News Blog – ilikeyouquotes.blogspot.com

Duterte News – www.du30news.com

Filipinews PH – www.filipinewsph.com

News Feed Society – www.newsfeedsociety.tk

Pinoy Freedom Wall – www.pinoyfreedomwall.com

Philippines News Portal – www.philnewsportal.com

Note: There are other sites still out on the web that are not yet in the list. Always verify information before sharing or liking. Think before you click.